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We understand that after the death of a loved one, the survivors must work through the grief process. Dealing with deadlines, details, and mundane tasks may not be of paramount concern during that difficult time. But such things must be dealt with in order to carry out the wishes of the late loved one.

The administration of a trust or estate requires the deft touch, attention to detail, knowledge, and expertise of a sensitive and caring law firm. The attorneys and staff at the Law Offices of Philip W. Cox assist our clients with probate and trust administration matters with compassion and understanding.

We represent individual “fiduciaries,” personal representatives, trustees, and others in connection with the administration of probate estates and trusts. We help our clients make the process more efficient, less frustrating, and more satisfying.

We also represent heirs and beneficiaries of trusts or will to ensure that their rights are protected, even serving in a “watch dog” capacity to make sure that executors and trustees are properly fulfilling their duties.

The administration of most trusts is completed without any court involvement. Probate cases must be filed in court, which will retain oversight until the final distribution of assets. We represent clients in probate and trust matters in the Superior Courts of Los Angeles and Orange Counties.



Disputes may arise between fiduciaries and benefits in various ways. There are times that court involvement is required to resolve these disputes. We handle litigation for the removal of fiduciaries, for accountings, to preserve beneficiary rights, to determine entitlement to an inheritance, contesting an estate plan that was wrongfully obtained, and for return of assets wrongfully taken. In those rare cases when a fiduciary has violated their duty of trust, we seek appropriate court orders holding them accountable..

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