Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney

Estate planning is the process of putting “one’s affairs in order.” That phrase is most often used when danger or death is imminent. Estate planning is a critically important step at all stages of adult life.  Prudent planning will protect your family from some very unwelcome consequences of being unprepared for life’s contingencies.

A comprehensive estate plan provides not only for what happens to what you own after you pass away, but will provide for those you care about in case of your incapacity.

The Law Offices of Philip W. Cox is a full service estate planning firm. We utilize legal strategies and a variety of documents, such as wills, living trusts, irrevocable trusts, powers of attorney, and advance healthcare directives to help our clients achieve their goals. A proper plan ensures that your property is transferred according to your wishes, minimizes tax exposure, preserves assets, avoids or eliminates unnecessary costs, can provide for care of loved ones, and protects your wishes for medical and end-of-life care.

We customize a plan for you based on our clients’ needs and desires to meet these goals and others.

A growing area of concern within estate planning is the issue of planning for digital assets, such as cryptocurrency, digitally stored text, image, or music files. Many clients have greater value is digital assets than they may realize, whether the value is sentimental or monetary. A modern estate plan must provide for how these assets are accessed and by whom after a death or during incapacity. We will help you consider and implement an appropriate plan for this asset type.

We can help you with all of your estate